writer, blogger, postcard enthusiast

The above three nouns have carried me through many situations that began with the phrase, "Tell us about yourself." Social media. Job applications. Dates. Over the years, they've become intrinsic to my sense of self. To me, there's nothing as powerful as the evocation of place; writing that makes you feel, hear and taste a destination has inspired my travels. It's responsible for the near-constant itch in my bones. 

Davies Travels is written by me, Chelsea. I'm a freelance writer and content creator who wants to share honest and practical advice for the average, budget-conscious traveller as well as stories from my favourite places on the road.

Want straightforward advice from your average twenty-something? Looking for an honest blogger who doesn't edit tourists out of her shots? Curious to know how to travel well on a tight budget, always? Are you getting sick of these rhetorical questions? That's fair enough. I think you get my point. I'm completely ordinary; no trust fund, no fancy equipment – although if you'd like to work with me, drop me a line. It's just me, a constant near-empty savings account and an ever-growing collection of postcards. 

Oh, and if on this blog you hear me referring to myself in terms of we, it's the twin in me. Mollie is my sister, travel buddy of choice and taker of fake candids. 

Any questions? Email me at chelsea.emily.davies@gmail.com.